Some years ago I accidentally worked as a marketing director for a large commercial relocation company. Everyone agreed that this was not my greatest career moment, except when it came to writing bids. I wrote over 200 of them, and helped secure a lot of work. Average win rates in the industry were 40%. We were hitting over 80.


When I left (as I knew I would), I created BidWrite, a consultancy and writing service for organisations that want (or need) to secure business through the competitive tendering process. I offer the same service for funding applications. I also give talks and provide training.

It’s going far better than my brief marketing career, with success rates of over 90%. A recent analysis of the service for one client showed that, over two years and fifteen bids, for every £1 they spent with BidWrite, they generated £81 in new business.

If you’d like to know more, you can visit the BidWrite website here.